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Race Evaluation

WCOC - Paugusset: Red


1. 2nd trail stub from little parking spot across second stream and up the spur, seeing the wall fragment on the right first
2. E uphill along wall, then along trail N of wall to where it crosses wall, then keeping NS wall on my right and angling uphill a couple lines, looking for bend in second intermittent stream
3. ENE along trail to bend, then across intermittent and climb hill on compass, along S of marsh, up the slot and down the spur to the cliff. Solid all the way.
4. On compass and contour, through gap in wall, past rocky spur and in. Saw Lyn at the control.
5. Lyn spurted by me briefly. Across small hill, then larger hill with two knolls, angling for largish reentrant. Leave marsh on the right, then follow trickle SW and then S, angling right when the knoll shows up straight ahead and in.
6. On compass and climbing. Hit the trail briefly, then under the cliffs and can see the first knoll as I climb up above the cliff SW of the control.
7. Right of line over the hills to just above the stream then left under the hill at the base of the cliffs and in.
8. +08:00R of marsh and biggest hills, aiming for small reentrant WNW of control. Somehow thought I had drifted further right, and since I was looking for a knoll got sucked in by knolls on the spur up to the right. Checked them all, then drifted down to the reentrant N of control and the rocky ground below that. Somehow convinced myself I was one marsh further down, and that I was further east than I was, and so headed back up, finally relocating off stonewall fragment N of control.
9. +02:00Trying to run on the line, over the hills and trying to leave the named swamp just to my left, but drifted right and ended up right of the swamp 200 M W and picked up the trail there. A little confused, but no problem from there, just followed trail past wall to spur and up, seeing the cliff on my right just before the last little bit of climb.
10. +06:00Tried to follow trail, but got off it a few times. Climbed first spur of the hill, then N and across reentratnt to line of cliffs. At first I was one line of cliffs too high and lost a bit, then up and down the line looking in all the little breaks. Finally climbed down and found the right break by checking against the hill with cliffs to the East, then back up again. Aargh!
11. N to descend as gracefully as possible, then E around big hill and angle a bit S to the trail jct. Wanted the Eastern trail to save climb. Along trail to just before rocky ground and cliff and in on compass. Good leg.
12. Seemed like it took a long time, but climbed to the trail and followed it to the larger trail. Large trail to just before stonewall bend, cut the corner to intermittent trail, angling off to the right and seeing #4, then straight west over small hill, leaving hill with two knolls on my left and looking for the small reentreant N of a large cliff. Cliff wasn't as large as it looked on the map, but the slot I was looking for was pretty clear. Left bare rock knoll on my left and up the spur just left of the box reentrant. Reentrant would have been easier, but no real problem.
13. +02:00N along hill, then W across streeam andgling to go W of marsh and then N to trail. Lapse of concentration and went straight W for a while, even crossing stream before hitting stone wall due S of control. Puzzled for a bit then followed it out to the trail, E on trail past trickle and then N past large boulder and cliffs up to the bare rock. Glen was coming in from above and to my right, on a much more appropriate route.
14. Straight, climbing over the spur, which was extra work, but kept me on line. Kept expecting Glen to go by.
15. +00:15Aiming for trail, but also a bit SW and crossed wall first. Got a little excited by first marsh, but corrected and got back on trail and kept going. Still feeling like Glen is going to catch me, but no sign of him.
F. Straight out to road and around.

Total Time Lost - 00:18:15

Split Analysis

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