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Race Evaluation

Nav-Stock: Long #2


1. Watching the elite runners go up the ski slope, had no regrets about my decision not to do the long long! Down the trail, cutting over to the right above the lift base, following the first green swath thinking it was the straight one, then being confused when it bent. Another piece of confusion had me running around the S of the building by the pond. OK from there.
2. Was with a bunch of people leaving #1, but I was the only one to take the straight line to #2.
3. N to trail. Peeked E, but decide to run trail N, then E (mostly on the trails below the 11-10 line). When I got to the control area, was a little confused by the trails, so decided to ignore them and looked for the knoll to the W of the saddle. Bingo.
4. Followed the line pretty much, using trails sometimes.
5. Had a hard time figuring out which contours were up and which down. Slightly E of line, seeing some elite runners higher up. Sidesloped the big hill to the S of the control a little higher than I needed to, then pausing before the control due to distance misjudgment.
6. N, down reentrant to trail. Left trails at the jct SSE of the control and trusted to luck + my compass. Fortunately, forest was open and the control was clearly visible.
7. Straight.
8. Not the best plan. Went S. I think I ended up crossing the stream to the W of the control, but eventually correcting to find the control. Kinda lucky.
9. Slightly to the left of the line, contouring around. Just behind a crowd.
10. Straight S to trail at bottom, R to jct, then S and up, then following the trail until it cut back, cutting over to big trail which I followed to hill just before the control, sidesloping around. As I was leaving, I was surprised to see Barb Campbell come up from below.
11. Trails to S of line, just behind Barb, who I guess passed me at some point. I left the trail at the jct E of the control, Barb probably continued on trails. I missed the open woods and got caught in thick stuff. When I fought my way out I saw Barb punching in about 20 m. S of me.
13. We both drifted a bit R of the line, being a bit surprised to hit the stream so late. We hit the big trail near the jct. Easy from there, following the little trail.
14. Barb pulling away -- she was pushing to beat 2 hours. I was slowing down big time.
F. Very nice course. Thanks to everyone who made the event possible!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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