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Race Evaluation

Nav-Stock: Sprint


1. Even though I had seen where the people before me went, I took a few seconds to locate the start triangle on the map before I set out.
2. Actually managed to jog up the hill -- not something I normally do. Left around the fence, not knowing what the green would be like.
4. Straight, lucky to spike it.
5. Straight -- pausing briefly at the junction with the out-of-bounds trail, looking for the trail going down under the line and not finding it -- took a little trail to the left. Was I out of bounds?
7. Around the swamp to the right on trails
8. road
9. Chasing Brigitte, punched just after.
10. Straight - Brigitte had paused by the control before punching it, so I beat her to it.
11. We reached this one at about the same time.
12. Brigitte climbed faster + straighter than me, punching 1st.
13. Close to same time again.
14. I blasted straight, punching first.
15. +01:45I ran straight to the finish, not seeing #15 on the map, even though I knew there was a control there (thinking it must be on the beginner course). I was walking to the download area when one of Brigitte's daughters told her she missed the last control. I thought to myself OOPS and went back to the finish + checked the map. Jogged back to the boulder and punched.
F. Fun sprint! Even though it took us up the same hill 3 times. And drat -- I would have placed in M40+ had I not missed the last control.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:45

Split Analysis

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