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Race Evaluation

QOC: Broad Creek: Red


1. Checked out the decoy on the pit but was planning on using the pits as an attackpoint anyway, since I was not sure the trails could be trusted
2. slog
3. decoy on the boulder
4. Underrated difficulty
boomed it too the left. After three (what I thought) were easy controls, I let my guard down. Found the small reentrant to the left but still could not find the feature. Bag and feature were hard to see, but I mis-orienteered there anyway. I'm told it was easier attacking from the north/right.
5. +00:05Found the decoy control in the southern reentrant.
6. Green was nastier than mapped and pushed me to the left. Caught myself and ran into the small contour feature area and used the rock to attack.
7. Around the green to the left using the green as a handrail.
9. Went high on the hill and dropped down on the cliffs.
10. Contoured around thru the green. Saved one contour. Should have went over the top, but my legs didn't like the look of going straight over the hill.
11. Did not like map
Did not read control description
Up the stream past 4 and off the form line knoll. A little hesitation in the circle as the green was not mapped right or had spread.
12. Hesitated
Up the stream/reeentrant. Hesitated leaving 11.
13. +00:37Went to the decoy knoll. Took a split so I know the boom cost 37 sec.
14. Trail to junction then straight over.
15. Past the water tower and look for the streamlike features. Turned my ankle about 3 times going down the hill, and about 6 times for the whole race.
16. Past 20, down the stream to the lodge, and contour over from the lodge. Did not see the road run, but I doubt it would have been faster for me.
17. Hemlock plantation provided a nice handrail
18. Used the clump of mountain laurel to the right of the line.
19. Straight, attacking off the pit/knoll complex on the hilltop. Expected and found decoy here. Considered trail/clearing to the right, but the green/trail/mapping seemed iffy, so I just slogged thru the green and up the hill.
20. Not thinking clearly
Found it on the way to 16, and still slightly boomed it. Was distracted to a pile of junk to the right that looked like what I remembered from passing it. Ignored the spur leading right too it, and realised I was making this mistake at the time. Attacked off permanent marker 5. Really didn't cost too much except the satisfaction of being sharp.
21. Up the trail thru permanant #6.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:52

Split Analysis

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