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Race Evaluation

QOC: Broad Creek: Red


1. +00:30a reentrant left
2. +00:30trails
3. straight, too old for cliff diving
4. +00:30junk surrounds control, unlucky
6. +03:30a reentrant left, took awhile to realize it
7. along green boundary
9. a little up then down under large cliff
10. straight between green patches
11. sort of contour along stream and reentrant all the way to the trail bend where Don goes by, was able to just about keep up as he dives into green
12. Don goes back into green, I flush out of reentrant then go up left wall of dirt bank where I meet Don again
13. Don locates it for me but I already know it's not the canard on the right
14. avoid trail going to the right of the green left rimming the reentrant under ranger residence then run the top to it
15. +02:00straight to 100m s near boundary, wander a little bit before I see it
16. +03:30boundary, trail around and up then stayed too high heading wnw, stop and head down w of bag, finally see it
17. straight
18. over to trail then almost straight
19. +04:00up too much then hit trail w of field, fight through green to wrong bag and know where to go from there
F. starts sleeting as I run in

Total Time Lost - 00:14:30

Split Analysis

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