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Race Evaluation

QOC: Broad Creek: Red


1. Not expecting to do well since I hate climb and was already tired from long run yesterday. Crossed the road and tripped and fell as soon as I got into the woods. Took trail to jct and came in past the decoy control in the pit.
2. Wonder what the contour interval is. My map is folded so I cannot see. Must be huge since a gentle slope on map is steep in woods. Took trail around, cutting in when I saw the bag.
3. Straight line, making sure I saw the control across the creek before I went down. Also saw the one on boulder but ignored it. Had trouble getting up the steep part and kept slipping on the leaves.
4. +01:30Everything has been obvious so far so just ran straight line. Hit it perfectly except that I did not see the cliff or bag when I looked down to the creek. Assumed I was S so went N. When no stream jct visable went down to stream and ran back to S. Crappy running near the stream. Found it where I had looked over the first time. Not a very wide cliff.
5. Straight, ignoring the decoy control in the S reentrant.
6. +03:30Out to trail, taking it to the stream and heading straight from there. Did not see the green trail, or the control. Must have passed below it without seeing the reentrant. Ended up N and had to search quite a bit.
7. +01:00Around the green then ENE looking for pit or the ditch just past it. Saw a bunch of unmapped rocks to the right and wondered where I was. When I saw the stream, knew I had passed it so back uphill. Found it next to the unmapped rocks. How did I miss it as I ran by?
8. Straight. Should have run faster but after a bunch of mistakes I was very conservative.
9. Straight. Made an effort to stay high until just before the cliffs.
10. Straight. No problems except very slow on uphill.
11. Straight to Blue trail, then trail until just before it crossed the reentrant. Across saddle, down NE reentrant. Passed Christian at the bag.
12. Down reentrant toward stream. Followed stream to bend and cut up to trail. Trail to reentrant and follow the reentrant up. No Christian in sight.
13. +01:30Straight but drifted a little right. Surprised to see a whole line of knolls when my map has only 2. Go to the one with the bag even though I know it is not mine. It was closest and tallest and looks like a good place to check the others from. I want the SW knoll so run to end and look on far side. Do not see the control hidden behind the tree, so check all the knolls and eventually end up on top of the cliff. From here I can see the bag. Ken Walker comes from correct direction and gets there before I can circle around the cliff.
14. +00:30Run out to trail but get the map backwards and start SW. See a bunch of clearings and turn around. Christian arrives at the knolls as I pass by them again. Trail to stream, then straight. Ken pops in from W 100m ahead of me. I thought he was course setter.
15. Straight, using the indistinct trails E of the control. Ken visible the whole way. I have caught up some.
16. Ken went on into the woods while I went for the road. Probably not the best route but I do not want to just follow him. He pops out on the road and goes uphill (probably went to 20 and was heading in) I take the road all the way around and cut in just past est cone trail.
17. Starts to sleet. Back to trail and cut through the pines at the next jct. When I reach the veg boundary just follow it in. Lot of unmapped manmade stuff nearby. Pass a group of 3 on orange.
18. Sleeting pretty hard now, noisy on the leaves but not bad on me since it just bounces off. Straight line looking for the reentrant. Spiked it.
19. +00:20Straight again. Sleet turns to rain. At first trail I decide to continue straight and take alley through the green. Should have taken trails around. Takes forever to get to trail N of green. Not sure where I am as I run up the trail so I check out the control on the knolls W of ours first. There are the orange group again.
20. As I ran out I glanced down at decoy in the S pit, wondering how similar the codes were. Looked like 471 while ours had 477. At (10) the codes were only one apart so the decoys could be easily mispunched. Trail to bend and E from there. Get a little left and cross power line but ruin is easy to spot. I am starting to get cold now and rain has overloaded the antifog on my glasses. Julia is all bundled up at the ruin waiting for Christian.
21. Road to small trail, then across field to pool. Stop just before the field to verify the correct corner of the pool. I can see the control but would not want to run to a dummy one in view of the finish.
F. Uphill fast to get out of the rain and warm up.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:20

Split Analysis

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