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Race Evaluation

Gauteng Orienteering Champs: Classic: M21A


1. +00:05Across the skid pan, but slightly hesitant going down the embankment. Eventually went down the path and around the back of the building.
2. +00:30Hesitant again leaving the road, even more so in the veld. Found the large depression first and then bounced off into the knoll. There was a big ditch missing on the map here which didn't help.
3. Quickly onto the track, the mostly track to the control, cutting corners. Came around the right side into the control.
4. +01:15Along the small path then straight past the target sign, but must have bent slightly left after it. Got to the bottom of the slope and went left (drawn by others) before seeing the fence and turning around for the control.
5. +01:30Ran along the bottom of the slope, cutting up slightly before the control. However, control on the flat ground above the slope, whilst I thought it would be on the upper part. Hit the indistinct track and doubled back realising my mistake.
6. +00:05Staight line across all the paths. Ended up slightly left of the connection line on the last track where I corrected going into the control. Went wrong way round boulder!
7. Due north to 2nd speedway, the onto indistinct track, cutting up through large clearing and into the valley.
8. Straight, let of fenced area. Saw control when 10m on my left.
9. +00:05Straight, using light green thicket in field for best line. Ended up slightly right.
10. +00:05Straight up the hill, once again ended up 10m to the right on the summit.
11. Took the northern path option. Left path at sig tree, straight into control.
12. Left of connection line, ran below the rocky ridge. Straight in.
13. Went immediately back to northern path and ran around north side of valley. Used the ditch and distinct veg to guide me into the pit.
14. Straight down. Straight up. Made sure I checked control description before hand.
15. +00:15Ugly leg. Went straightish, but should have dropped down earlier and run on the flatter (relative) ground.
16. Chose the western path to descent the slope. Then followed the fence before bending into the control.
17. Staight, just tipping the edge of the track bend as an attack point into the control.
18. +00:10Right of the linear thicket, crossing the river at the track, then straight to 18, but ended up a bit close to the track parallel to it.
19. Straight, using the small circular thicket as a guide into the control.
20. Cut the corner onto the track, cut the bend and then left the track and followed the edge of the embankment around to the re-entrant.
21. +00:15Left of straight through the fields. Bit confusing when entered the open area, but didn't waste too much time. Saw it on my left.
22. No problems other than tried to go for road early and was stopped by fence next to it.
23. No real route choice. Straight in.
24. Went slightly right, running almost past the path bend.
25. +00:10Straight, but was highly confused about the bank / form line / re-entrant / ditch thing.
26. Up the ditch and straight in.
27. Straightest and fastest possible route.
F. Sprint!

Total Time Lost - 00:04:25

Split Analysis

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