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Race Evaluation

WCOC BBQ and Meeting: Sprint B


1. +00:30On bearing from trail junction over charcoal pit but hit thick laurel where it shouldn't be per map. Shifted L around it and in.
3. +02:30Tried to use indistinct trail but think I missed and struggled through med green to corner of rough open. Saw Jim H and a couple he was guiding coming from where I thought the control should be so assumed they couldn't find it there. Turned L to look but nothing looked right. Went over to where they had been and spotted control.
4. +03:00Disaster. Headed across rough open to hit large trail but got on small trail not realizing it. Headed W then turned S on larger trail. Hit a T-junction? where open should have been. Checked control on a rock - #31 - not mine but with e-box must be other course. Finally kind of figure problem and head E on big road to junc; SE on trail up and over to open and bag.
5. Trail around to indistinct and bearing.
6. +11:00Major disastor - Followed stream/marsh up to indist tr to main trail. Figured I'd bop over to indistinct and follow around to bag. In but no trail. Thrashed around for a while in laurel and saw main trail to locate. Headed back W, fighting laurel some more. Saw bag on knoll in middle of thick laurel. Fought over to it - #35. Must be other course and on little knoll W of 6. Head E thru laurel to main trail!!! same place as 5' ago. Walk along (that's all I can be bothered to do at this point) to marsh and in vague direction control should be. Spot it in gloom of more laurel.
7. Follow indist to main tr and saunter in.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:00

Split Analysis

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