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Race Evaluation

QOC: Broad Creek: Red


1. Read map too late
Bad distance judgement
Did not read control description
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Lacked confidence
Started off running merrily through the woods. Realized that I really should be looking at the map. Ran to control by pit, Not mine, Hmmm. Now I know where I am.
2. Straight. Not really sure about control location. The rock area was much bigger to me than mapped. Slow going up the hill.
3. Straight. Saw other control but not fooled. Could see control from across the valley. Practically had to rock climb to get to the control. Footing was really bad. Kept slipping on rocky leaf covered ground.
4. +00:15Straight. hesitated on edge of hill. The control was tucked back against the cliff. Saw Valerie Meyer. Tough time getting to control because of all the debris.
5. Straight
6. Skirted green. Never really saw trails. Saw trail markers.
7. skirted green again.
8. straight
9. contoured mostly.
10. straight
11. straight
12. passed Valerie Meyer
13. +00:15Could see control. Not really sure what feature was suppose to be in circle. Control not mine. Quickly checked control description and went to control. Valerie went to wrong control also
14. Back to Trail. Down trail to where it crossed stream. Never saw small indistinct trail.
15. Trail to road, then straight.
16. Kept losing my place with all the extra circles on the map. Went Straight. Saw control and kept wondering where the decoy was but didn't see one.
17. +00:15Straight. Very distinct vegetation boundary across the trail confused me. I didn't see it on the map (but it was there).
18. Straight.
19. +00:15was going to go straight but ended up going around green. Crossed stream by clearing. Ran up hill to first set of pits. Saw control, thought why not check it. If it is mine then fine, otherwise I will know where I am. It wasn't mine. Went to control. Not really sure of the purpose of having control is pit next to real one.
20. Trail to trail bend, Straight to control.
21. Tired
Up steep hill through green. Ok now I am tired.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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