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Race Evaluation

QOC: Broad Creek: Red


1. All of my splits are made up because my watch froze after the 6th control. I wasn't able to recover any data...I bought this new Timex because it has huge numbers. However, the buttons are easily activated and it takes all kinds of extra splits by barely hitting a button. So, I devised a method of switching it back to "time of day" mode and switching back to splits when I got to the bag. This worked fine until the freeze up... Anyway, more on the watch later. So, I am the 1st one out since I got there early and asked nice. I knew it would take me a while and I wanted to beat the rain. From the start, I turn left on the road and plan to pick up the trail. Run right by it and end up coming back up from the clearing. 1:10, 1:10!!
2. Head straight up the hill. It seems further away than I thought.
3. Go straight. Real sissy going down the hill. If the rocks hadn't been under the leaves, I would have slide down on my butt. See both controls and decide to climb via the right hand one to cover my bases. Did not write down anything but the clue and description, so I have no idea of the finer details from the control sheet. Climb easily up this way and don't have any trouble with the earth bank.
4. Come in just a little south of control. Walk along top and see the bag. Limb breaks that the bag is on, but I prop it back into the same place it was. Should be fun later on. when it gets slippery and people are hanging on.
5. Fine the decoy bag first. No real problem.
6. Take Orange trail to the turn and then cross Green and drop into the ditch. FOllow to the conntrol.
7. Edge around the green and come right to the bag.
8. Brad catches up with me. I had been wondering when he would. Follow him to control.
9. Follow Brad to control.
10. Things get screwy here. For some reason I think I am going to 11 and to top things off I end up at 5. I follow this to 4 where Ted sees me. I ask him the time - not sure if it is here or later. Anyway, I go from 4 to the Blue trail and start running towards 11. For some reason, I check my map and realize I need to be going to 10, not 11!! AGH!! Head back towards 10. DOn't remember any real problem, but the extra climb irritated me.
11. Climb out of 10 to the Orange trail and then to the Blue trail to the curve. Go over the top of the hill to the reentrants.
12. Ted catches up with me and I follow him to 12.
13. Follow Ted to 13. He is far enough ahead of me that I think he punches the decoy control and headed to the road. When in fact he checked the decoy and then over to the correct area. I don't really catch this and go to the decoy also.
14. To the trail, across the stream. Stay on Red up the hill and then over.
15. Go straight.
16. Go to the East Cone trail and head north. Angle in to 16. when I see Robinson Mill Road.
17. Probably should have taken RMR, but go stright. Cross West Cone Trail and see boundary of pines. Ended up being too high and miss control. Ended up at Haunted Woods Outpost and head back down to control.
18. Decided to go to Day Road but somehow never made it there. Finally was bailing out when I stumble accross the control. Didn't really waste anytime wandering, just didn't know where I was. :)
19. Head back to Red trail but end up on the indistinct one instead and find PC#13. Use trail there to correct area after looking at decoy 1st.
20. Take trail to bend and head down hill to 20. Miss it a little right.
21. Up to the road to the trail and up the long hill. Hoping the control at the pool is the right one.
F. Run hard up the hill and done and still dry!! It starts to rain about an hour from home.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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