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Race Evaluation

Georgia Navigator Cup (Day 2): Blue


1. Get a little farther right than I wanted to.
2. Woods are fast and visibilty is excellent after road junction. Look for reentrant past feature.
3. Bad map reading
Straightish, climbing hills rather than contouring around. Plan to attack off lake finger but yesterday's rain makes marshy area impassable and confuses issue as to what is what regarding the water features. Lack precision going into the circle.
4. Straight, past out of bounds, and down spur. Find feature but cannot find bag behind some saplings.
5. Hesitated
Road junction, across clearing, across big spur, which had a nice unmapped ride contouring around it, and up ridge to trail. Trail was less distinct than expected. Attacked off of vegetation change.
6. straight, to trail, to clearing
7. Remembered these rocks from yesterday. Little left of line thru the golf course, then down that ride/indistinct trail. Fun, easy orangish kind of leg.
8. Straight thru green, to clearings, and careful compass to make sure to avoid parallel error. Never see rootstock in big reentrant.
9. Thru park office, down trail thru yellow, and off small trail bend.
11. Trail system to left of line, thru white along valley, then just run. Looks like it cost me 2 contours.
12. Bad compass work
Bad rough compass and get way left of line. Get a bit confused and have to sort it out at road trail junction. Carelessness ruins a pretty decent run. Run the trail, and attack from far out off the hill, using the stream as a guide.
13. A little left, using that clearing again, then the rootstock in the gully.
14. +00:30Straight, find the "whale's tails" gully system, but get up the reentrant to the left. Trying to run too hard.
15. Around to the left of the gully/valley.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:20

Split Analysis

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