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Race Evaluation

Carol's Team Third Thursday Sprint: Sprint


1. Straight. Maybe lost 4-5 seconds at the start getting the map oriented because I had assumed the first control was in the opposite direction - dumb.
2. Left of the lake.
3. Through the gate in the fence and the field.
4. Left the control to the right and went past 6.
5. Straight.
6. Straight.
7. Straight, which wasn't a very good line - the low part of the field was really muddy.
8. A bit left to avoid the worst mud in the large depression.
9. +00:15Mistook the fountain for the control circle and spent a few panicy seconds trying to figure out what was wrong.
10. +00:15Flustered a bit by 9, I was behind in my map reading. Basically ran in the general direction and looked for the stake, which is a really bad strategy. Came to my senses after passing the building and stopped for a moment to figure out where I needed to go.
11. +00:30Right of the big depression to miss the mud, then straight at a big tree, but unfortunately, it wasn't the right one (it was up the slope at the edge of the white area.
F. Straight. Was pretty disgusted with giving away so much time at the end, but managed to run in reasonably well.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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