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Race Evaluation

Metro League #1: Division A


1. +00:25Tried to be too safe; found the track but left it too late and overshot by 50m to the big cliff
2. +00:10Ran right to it but didn't see the flag. Greg Barbour did the same and ran away.
3. Luckily hit no.9 and readjusted rough bearing
4. +00:25Misread map, dropped below the line of cliffs and had to climb back up
5. Fluked it on a rough bearing
6. Easy
7. Slow on the goat track
8. +00:10Missed a little to the left
9. Been there before
10. Took the track all the way to the bend
11. Ran to the big bare rock, slow from there
12. Held a good line down the vague spur. Went 10 paces beyond the fence and saw the flag
13. Bit wayward getting to the track. Seemed to go across an extra gully.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:10

Split Analysis

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