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Race Evaluation

OCIN East Fork Sprints: "Long" Sprint


1. stayed north of direct line to use open forest instead of green. a little tired from the trail run before, so I was less than 100% for entire race. Seemed like low obstacles (logs, etc) were more work than usual.
2. Hesitated
a little hesitant, but this control in a small reentrant was a good place to be careful. The map is a little weak in places, so cautrion may not have been a bad thing.
3. only slowed down by brush & forest debris
4. Bad map reading
startled a jrotc instructor out of his skin when I blew by him from behind... About 10 yards away, I said something like "hi,. how's it going" hoping to avoid startling him, but I was too close & coming too fast, and he jumped & hollered something like Oh my gosh! Hey, that;s why they call it a SPRINT! went a little right fo teh line, but quickly figured out when I started down a reentrant that I needed to turn left.
5. nice opportunity to use a trail.
6. across the bridge & attacked from trail bend.
7. easy
8. +00:05a little hesitant... easy leg down teh stream, but it seemed like I ran forever before I saw the control. map distortion or brain freeze?
9. hit the path at the bend, it seemed like a long way up the hill to the ruined rootstock.
10. +00:05pretty fast, cut teh wiggling bend sof teh path & attacked from path bend, went a little right but not bad, caught it quickly.
11. Bad route choice
Not thinking clearly
took too long winding by trail, should have cut the corner but lacked confidence... of course,there was some green n the way, so it could have been slower...
12. passing #3 as I aimed off slightly to the right, made a great attack point.
13. easy
14. easy
15. punched thru the rough open & a few brambles.
16. hesitated just a little, seemed like the control was farther down hill toward the parking lot than I expected.
17. out of the woods & SPRINT!
F. SPRINT! Watch the cars as the last leg crossed the busy beach parking lot.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:30

Split Analysis

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