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Race Evaluation

OCIN East Fork Sprints: "Short" Sprint


1. Hesitated
cautius. I knew the ruined fence was VERY ruined & hard to see. Better safe than sorry.
2. down the ditch, across the creek and up.
3. a tough control in green. did well identifying & counting the reentrants, hit it dead on.
4. building. SPRINT!
5. the green was annoying.
6. ditto to 5. there is more green on thsi leg than mapped. Definitely feeling the previous races.
7. +00:05up the reentrant, a little right on the road, & straight down teh rough open clearing. The only loss was at teh start when I went a little too far north before turning right to follow the reentrant up.
8. trail. forest might have been faster?
9. to trail, to control.
10. strauight up the stream valley, climbed right early to bypass the thickest green.
11. straight, cut the trail corners. good move.
12. a little left of the line to hit the more open woods. Caught Dick Arnett at the control.
13. +00:03down the ditch & a little right. For a big buildinbg, it is sure hard to see until you are close. lost a couple seconds on hesitation
14. road & cut the corner thru the woods.
15. SPRINT! across the field & parking lots.
16. betwen teh 2 rightmost buildings on the most direct route.
F. SPRINT! 3 seconds slower than the "long" sprint. The earlier races were definitely wearing on me.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:13

Split Analysis

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