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Race Evaluation

GO Regional (Level B) Event: Brown


1. Deliberately slow start to get used to the map. Nailed the control.
2. Chose to follow the track through the green to then head up the stream to #2. Longer route, but nailed.
3. Up the ride, diagonally in and spiked.
4. Had to walk up the track: weight and tiredness showing. Pace right down. Found the control as expected.
5. Still slow but no issues.
6. Bore slightly further north than I was expecting, so crossed more rides.
7. Pace recovering a bit.…
8. … and a bit more…
9. … but then disaster. Punched a control too early. One on short brown or blue perhaps? Gutted.
10. Arrived at #11 on a bearing. In retrospect that points to why I'd stopped short of #9.
11. Backtracked from #10.
12. Up the northern ride then cut in.
14. Fine, but painful climb again.
16. Spotted the control from some distance on the bearing so quickly in and out.
17. Back to #12, slightly further on than I expected.
18. Longer than expected, but quick.
19. This is where it went wrong: mispunched on what should have been #9, then realised I was in the wrong place.
20. Hesitant: should have gone further in.
21. Really slow for such a short control. Mis-read the precise location: re-entrant to the east of the spur, not west.
22. Good start, but then ended up one ride too far west. Had to correct.
23. Good contouring round.
24. Ended up too far south. Knew I'd missed it, but not sure why I was off on my bearing.
25. Error in the circle again.
26. Back up to speed.
27. Long detour round the out-of-bounds slowed my pace - wasn't actually too slow.
28. Quick…
F. … and quicker. But all to no avail.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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