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Race Evaluation

Selection race long: Men/spectator


1. Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
Unused to map
started slowly, still couldn't get used to the map and ran too far away.
2. Bad map reading
Unused to map
slowly trhough the open area, wrong direction and poor map reading getting closer to the CP
3. white forest, tried to read map more carefully, probably wasted some time on that..
4. wasn't easy to chosse route, but ran straight and think this was OK dessision.
5. straight trough the green forest, tieing to the hill.
6. ran around on the path, was hard to read a map.
7. +01:00litle confused in the midle of the distance, but got tied to a clear object and almost got into the point, but lost SI card. was looking for it for ~1'
8. +08:00OK route choise untin the road (4/5 of the distance) got lost in the CP area. it was bad..
9. slowly with reduced motivation..
10. slowly and carefully, luckily checked CP number, double was really close :) [center of star]
11. +04:00star was small was dificult to read and got tired already I guess. also got confused by number, because was given wrong CP number card at the start.. met Edvardas, but stayed in the area with no clue what is going on :)
12. slowly, motivation went down even more..
13. slowly and carefully.
14. easy to read features, slowly.
15. along the slope, too long distances I thought..
16. ate energy gel on the run, planning to drink water at the next CP [was scared if water was still available..] luckily avrything went fine , was back in the senter of star, cup of watre, one more on the head and I'm good to go
17. gel worked perfectly, fetl even really well and motivated.
18. litle too slow through the forest
19. started to feel tired agoin, apears gel worked quite shortly [could be much worse without it..] met Valdas
20. some motivation knowing Valdas is somewhere around. tied to the hill.
21. along the slope.
22. Bad map reading
visited all the hill around untill I found the needed one.
23. +01:00slowly over the hill feel alreday very tired, some walking around the CP area
24. easier terrain, slowly, but straight.
25. slowly walking up the hill..
26. saw this CP during warmup, but it was easy anyway :)
F. not so quickly, but to the finish line at last...

Total Time Lost - 00:20:20

Split Analysis

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