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Race Evaluation

: :Georgia Navigator Cup - Red 2


1. Traio to road
2. Checked out the boulder 200 m south -- stupid.
3. Up and over -- I learned on Saturday that running along the lakeshore was not fast.
4. Hit the road at the house
5. Trail all the way!
6. Ran along edge of clearing to bend.
7. Went just lef to fthe line. footing would have been better on the trail I think.
8. Approached from above -- not intentionally.
9. Didn't climb soon enough
10. Head N to the trail in the clearing
11. Road to trail
12. Almost went past it but saw a control at the rootstock in the stream gully.
13. Ran down the N-S ditch

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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