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Race Evaluation

5 Jours de France 2007: Day 2 - M35 - Course C


1. Good, getting into it slowly
2. Good
3. Good
4. Good
5. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Ran over ok, took a bearing on the hill, but it was the wrong hill, maybe 40 m out :)
6. Good
7. good
8. good, also took a chance and it paid off right - just follwoed the compass.
9. Did not like map
Bad map, so was in the wrong depression (the one not on the map) - Realised quite quick and ran over to the correct depression.
10. Good
11. +00:30Ran away from 10 not quite as planned. Lost a few seconds here. Route was good though.
12. Good
13. Good
14. Good
15. Good
16. Good
17. Good
18. Good
19. Took a chance
Ran too fast
Did not like map
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Ran away from 18 well, controls had been doing perfectly, and I was pushing (maybe too hard). Ran over the hill as planned, took a bearing, saw a control and ran to it. Wrong control, couldn't relocate quick enough and ended up covering some ground.
20. Did not like map
Bad Map, but I got the control OK.
21. Good
22. Good
F. OK.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:45

Split Analysis

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