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Race Evaluation

QOC: Little Bennet, MD: Blue


1. +02:00I usually make so many errors that I don't even try to estimate how much time I lost, but I will give it a try today. Go straight across and end up at root stocks left of the control.
2. +01:00Ended up making 2 stream crossing that took me next to housing. Came back over the one and up hill to the control.
3. Skirted around the green to the loop road. Down road to park road. Angled into control.
4. To trail and then angled up hill to control. Came out a little to the right.
5. Down to trail to where the stream crossed. Planned to angle up hill to loop in road, but missed it and ended up at control instead.
6. +03:00Took the twisty trail around. Realized I would be on wrong side of climb so went south to correect side of reentrant. Ended up having to climb over a bunch of downed trees.
7. Down to trail and to bridge. I was the first starter and Sam was concerned I would beat him to this point - 1 of 2 controls not out yet. I said it would take me an hour to get there. It took 59+ mins. Pretty good considering I was already on my way to #1 when I threw that estimate out to him...
8. +02:00Took the SW trail below the control. Poor choice. Then couldn't locate it. Did see a junked car.
9. +05:00Should have gone to trail right away, but instead stayed closer to housing. Finally ran into lefthand trail but was going for the perpendicular one... Got to area and then didn't go far enough up hill. Ended up in deadfall and way too close to stream/trail junction.
10. Took my time walking over to this one.
11. +03:00Stupid choice of the day. Saw trail north of clearing, so took that to the west and across the top. Lots of pines to get though.
12. +02:00Probably the only leg I felt really tired. Took road to trail above 12 and then fought my way through some junk to get there.
13. Crossed the stream and got feet wet. Then saw control and had to cross again. Feet wet 2 more times.
14. Stayed low. Randy Hall crashes though other side on his was to 13. Stay low until I am forced to climb a bit. CLimb into reentrant to the control.
15. Stay low to the control.
16. Trail to road to trail. Hit it pretty cleanly. Don't run much of this leg.
17. Pretty much straight to control.
18. Up to clearing to road and then angle back into control. Further off road than I thought it would be.
F. Walk up road then run into home. Know where finish is, so I avoid the tiered seating and come aound the side.

Total Time Lost - 00:18:00

Split Analysis

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