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Race Evaluation

QOC: Little Bennet, MD: Blue


1. +00:40Not nearly as tired this week as last week so tried to run a bit faster. Road to bend then straight but missed R badly as I realized I was starting down spur N of the one we wanted.
2. +00:30Straight on bearing angling slightly R to cross stream at jct. Saw the clearings to W and realized I must have crossed at W jct. Crossed back over stream and straight to control. Something must be screwy with map here since apparently almost everyone made this mistake.
3. N of straight line to avoid the green but still ended up running through to much of it. Trail from building, across road, thru clearing and in from W. For some reason I thought it was closer to the clearing. Should have come in from road jct.
4. Straight.
5. Downhill to trail then bearing up after crossing stream. Got a little high and to close to road.
6. NW to trail by nature center then NW some more to road with parking. Straight line after crossing trail and reentrant on R. Took forever to get through green and I was looking for it much to high.
7. Did not want to take a chance on the woods along the stream. ESE to trail and took that all the way to bridge.
8. Took some water. Trail E, cut thru yellow, then across road to trail up the hill. Took it all the way past jct then straight in.
9. +01:00Out to clearing, but had to go back to woods when I reached the houses and realized clearing was probably private. Somehow I got off on my distance and thought I had gone far enough when I reached the first spur. After standing around and counting houses and looking at the field with (10) I continued on and found it. Should have used the trail to W.
10. Straight.
11. Straight, but got off to R and missed both saddles. Slow going through the crap. Saw the green to NW of reentrant so just popped over to it.
12. +02:00Knew this would be trouble. Had this control before in a score-O and never found it. Out to road then along road until past all the green stuff. Hard to be sure since the semi open was a lot more woods than open but I think I was opposite the clearing on NE of road. Across yellow looking for the brighter yellow strip with the control. Looking at the key I can see what my problem was. The bright yellow is only rough open while the yellow with dots is semi open and lots of dots is open. I thought the bright stuff would be the most open so was looking in the clear areas instead of the overgrown areas. Anyway I missed the control going all the way to the real clear area 150m NW, coming back and missing again and finally locating myself exactly using the stream bends and finding it.
13. W side of stream, crossing at the control.
14. Stayed low until the ditches then angled uphill. Looked back across the stream to see if Nadim was in sight near 12.
15. Straight.
16. SW to trail. Trail to highest point then cut corner to road. At trail jct just ran out the spur and used the rocks to lead me in.
17. +02:00Did not want to go through the green so went SW to go around. To much W and I missed the 2nd trail and ended up near the fence corner (which I did not see) 200m W of stream. Realized I was way off, headed E and had to run up the reentrant to reach the bag.
18. Thought about clearing but instead just contoured around.
F. Straight, ignoring the roads and only going over 1 tier of the amphitheater.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:10

Split Analysis

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