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Race Evaluation

QOC: Little Bennet, MD: Blue


1. Did not follow plan
Bad compass work
Bad distance judgement
0-1 I had some good workouts this week but by Friday I was tired. I ran easy Saturday but my legs were still a little sore. At the start, I didn't feel as confident as last week. Starting late I took off on the south side of the Nature Center as did John Torrance who I saw start earlier. North would have been more direct but in my haste and seeing John, I must not have lined things up right. I crossed the road and hit the campground loop. I turned right going all the way to the bend that I had intended to pass earlier but more directly. In the woods, I crossed to the next ridge. I was looking for the saddle but didn't see it. I was too far south before correcting. The 1:15000 scale also took some getting used to.
2. +01:001-2 I set a bearing looking for the stream junction but ended-up crossing at the one near the edge of the map. Seeing the clearing and barbed-wire, I corrected and saw from the footsteps that others had done the same. Was the map wrong?
3. 2-3 I took a while to think about which way to go. I often have big errors when passing through thick green. The safer way for my navigation skill level would have been to go way around south to the road, then run fast. In the end, I went more directly around the green on the north side, crossed the streams and hit the ridge to the loop road. It all worked as planned.
4. 3-4 I went mostly straight. It was choppy going downhill over new downfall. I never saw the fence. After crossing I looked for the green to hone in on the control.
5. No attack point
Took a chance
Bad distance judgement
4-5 Straight down through the green and across the stream. I hit the trail briefly confirming my route then kind of contoured up. Seeing some picnic benches I knew I was near the road so I leveled-off. I crossed a shallow ditch, expecting to see the control but didn't. I had stopped short. I followed the ditch/ridge right and east, down to where I could see the stream, went further north then followed another shallow ditch/ridge west along some green. Not figuring it out yet, I climbed high enough to see the road before making the correction.
6. 5-6 Straight into the reentrant and along the west side of it to the trail. Going around the green on the trail, I past the trail junction before turning left into next the reentrant. Not wanting to pass the control, I crossed to the west side and followed the reentrant to the control. It was very green and slow, even after seeing it ahead.
7. Hesitated
6-7 Guessing that the direct route along the reentrant would also be greener than what the map showed, I ran east, up the hill to the trail. The trail was fast. I paused longer than I ought to have at the first intersection and control for another course.
8. Hesitated
7-8 Drank water, then followed the trails, toward the road. I cut the corner, then paused just before the road because I didn't seen the trail crossing it. Going-on I was tired climbing and had to read the map because I thought I was farther up. I attacked just past the last trail junction. Already 39 minutes but not even half way through, I knew I wouldn't come anywhere near Randy today--Randy told me his time just before I started.
9. 8-9 Straight through the green, then more left to the trail. I past the trail intersection, then attacked from the reentrant spiking it.
10. Hesitated
9-10 Straight but paused at the crest in the field. Another 2 steps and I saw it.
11. Did not like map
Could not relocate
10-11 Up the field, then through the green at the saddle. It wasn't very green, I thought I was countouring around the reentrant somewhat and cut right to head toward the next saddle. I couldn't read a saddle but saw the wall of green pines. This should have signaled me that I was too far NW but I went on through the green anyway. I followed a shallow reentrant for a little thinking it would go to the big one on the map. Stopping to read, I took off again but my first step was on a rock that I turned my left ankle on. Limping slowly for a while, veering more south, I saw two streamers and followed them to the road (In hind sight, I should have followed them the other way up the hill to the control). At the road I couldn't relocate. There was a parking lot pull-off but it wasn't on the map. I also didn't see the squared-in fenced area that was on the map--it was probably the same place. I turned NW (right) on the road, then when I felt I might go too far, I cut back up the hill through the green. There was another reentrant which took me further north. Finally at the top of the ridge, I turned right and could make out the saddle that I had looked for originally. From there I dropped into the correct reentrant.
12. Ran too fast
Not thinking clearly
11-12 Following the elephant trail and streamers to the road, I paused to think about going through the fields. Given my miss on #11, I took the road. With the 1:15000 scale, I stopped to read and make sure that I didn't pass the trail. Taking the trail I ran until it started to curve in the field. There, for some reason I believed I was going toward #13, not #12. I crossed the creek and punched at #13 believing it was #12. The code was on my card but I didn't read the box number. I noticed and it struck me odd that I didn't punch the code before "AM", but "knew that I had been to 11." I also didn't care at that point and thought I'd just run for a decent time even if I got DQ'ed. I then moved-on believing I was going toward #13 but was really heading north almost off the map. Had I looked close enough, I would have realized that I was supposed to cross the creek to get to #13. After 200 yards, I turned around and realized my error. Running along the creek I past #13, then at the next creek bend I realized I needed to cross. Picking some deadfall I carefully stepped on logs, leaves and rocks where it was deep. The leaves hid a hole and I got a foot wet. I came back to the trail that went to the road, then followed a bearing. I also wandered a minute before finding it.
13. 12-13 Going straight, I ended-up at the creek bend where I'd gotten wet earlier. I thought about being careful not to get wet. However, this time I just ran through a shallow bit downstream and went to #13 where I had been long earlier.
14. 13-14 I stayed low along the creek until I couldn't any longer. An older (dark hair and beard) man went high headed the same way. Though I gained ground on him and passed him, at the reentrant, he was higher and closer so he got there first. I was feeling tired.
15. 14-15 I stayed high this time, pausing much too early at a control for another course along the way. I had passed the other man but he past me going low. I eventually got there well ahead of him.
16. Did not like map
Confused parallel features
15-16 I really felt slow and tired going up the hill but set into a jog. Somewhere earlier, I'd gotten a small pulled muscle on my left calf and it started bothering me. At the trail, I decided to ease the climb so I went right, I cuttoff the corner before the next intersection, going left again. Coming out at the trail intersection, I went left, then cutoff the next corner going right. At the trail I went right and then left into the woods headed toward the knoll. It was very flat here and I couldn't make it out. I found a control on a rock that wasn't mine. I thought it was the rock group further south but actually it was the single rock shown on the map near the knoll. Setting a bearing from the mistaken rock, I ended up too far north and had to come back about a 100 meters.
17. 16-17 Going down the hill was good but I was too tired to try going around the green. It didn't turn-out that bad.
18. 17-18 I contoured around into the reentrant. When I could see the road but not the control, I got worried and paused before finding it in front of me.
F. 18-19 No swift run in here. I felt tired and my pulled muscle was hurting. I went up the road and cut-in through the woods at the campground road. Though I made 2 big errors on this course, they weren't as big as I have been known to make. Despite the errors I still approached 10 min/K so the run wasn't all that bad.

Total Time Lost - 00:22:15

Split Analysis

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