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Race Evaluation

Vilnius O Thursday 14th tour: H21A


1. +03:00was told it will be green and not clear, but still couldn't avoid mistake..
2. +01:20thought I knew everything, but it wasn't the case :)
3. +00:45slowly, and with big loop
4. +00:40couldn't find small object in the green
5. +01:00too slow, too big loop around..
6. first CP without a mistake.. :)
7. +02:00very unclear terrain in the CP area.. and bad route choice as well.
8. +01:00many changes in the area not marked on the map..
9. no mistake, still didn't feel confident..
10. not clear, but no mistake..
12. used roads a lot.. was very tired already.
13. +00:30micro object in green - hate such CPs and it's number 13! :)
15. +10:00biggest mistake, a bit wrong direction and got completely lost in the swamps..
16. +01:20very unclear in CP area
17. +02:30again. completely floating without any clue what is going on :)
F. felt very poor, this could be the reason.. also, very strange map, everybody told that :)

Total Time Lost - 00:24:05

Split Analysis

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