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Race Evaluation

Visaginas 3x4 2007: H21E - day 1


1. strated slowly, was tired even before start :/
2. +01:00had problems with keeping a direction en route and in CP area..
3. was cought by a guy who left after 2', not a very nice feeling..
4. very physically dificult swamp.
5. slowly and too accuratelly :)
6. was stopping too often by the CP
7. nice location
9. could have made a mistake, but somebody ran out of the CP
10. slowly through the green
12. wasn't sure but saw a CP
13. +05:00biggest mistake, again number 13 :) got lost in the swamp because of wrong direction.. need to work on that.
14. +02:00whole run was though green swamp, really nasty and slow.. also problmes with direction..
15. +02:00ran around water line, others were crossing it,,
16. +01:30again wrong direction, some stippings in the CP area..
F. felt tired whole course, couple huge mistakes

Total Time Lost - 00:11:30

Split Analysis

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