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Race Evaluation

BAOC Local, Royal Gorge: Blue


1. Unused to terrain
Fell twice. Via Sleigh Ride trail (power line).
2. Bad route choice
Did not follow plan
Ran too fast
Missed the shortcut dotted track right away, even though I noticed it on the way to #1 and already decided it was the way to go. Ended up going around on the right, almost through #3. Saw Kent Ohlund (he started 4' ahead, but by this point, already more than 10' ahead of me) approach #3; Kent obviosuly took the correct, left-hand route to #2. Missed the turn off to the dotted trail from Wiesel trail by just a bit.
3. Unused to terrain
On the right (flatter). Fell twice: on the downhill to #3, and at #3 itself (took the bag down, too; spent time putting it up).
4. To the left of the lake, through Wilderness Lodge. Caught up with Andrejus (8') and Vadimas (6').
5. Unused to terrain
The Lithuanians pulled away doing classic while I was shuffling it skating penguin-style on the flat. Fell on the dotted track.
6. Unused to terrain
Left route. Fell on the dotted track, lost the e-punch; scary, screaming down the single-track on skating skis. Noticed the loss right away but chose not to go back (see below).
7. To the dotted track on the left, then stayed on the trails, no more shortcuts. On the approach to #7, it was the last time I was close to Andrejus (he was leaving #7).
8. Did not like map
Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
Unused to terrain
Awful. Up Hawk's Run, decided at some point that it was too steep, so took skis off and ran. Did not notice a junction with the maintenance road (groomed for snowmobiles, not skis), and went up it. Then went back and had to cross the 3.5 m-deep snow to get back on Sleigh Ride; ran up Sleigh Ride until the hill was over. Spent about 2 minutes cleaning the snow out of the bindings and putting the skis on. Shortcut through a short dotted trail to LIttle Dipper and made my own shortcut (I know I'm not supposed to... but was only about 20 m...) to Palisade. It was flying down Palisade, and the control came up too early, so I missed it and had to come back.
9. Did not follow plan
Did not check features en route
Ran too fast
Bad distance judgement
Unused to terrain
Awful, again. Went back to the little shortcut I made, and _missed it_. Found out about it at the power line, and decided to go back to the start/finish, then down Fast Draw (a double black diamond). OK for a while, then took the skis off and ran _down_ a steep slope, control at the bottom of it.
10. Tired
Unused to terrain
Spent another couple of minutes putting the skis on. Up the hill, I can hardly skate without herringboning it. Then up a really steep hill, took the skis off again. Andrejus took the ski lift up it, going #11-#12. I got pissed off about it but mellowed out later. Matthias Koehler said it was no faster to take the lift than to skate up it; I wish I really could skate up.
11. Unused to terrain
Took a really nasty spill going down Yuba Hill, but recovered quickly. Went back to the place I lost the dipstick at, and after spending a minute digging up the snow, found the dipstick carefully stuck on a on a tree branch by an anonymous stranger. Did I mention I fell twice going up the dotted trail?
12. Unused to terrain
Ran up the monstrous hill, put the skis on at the top, skied down. Everything would have been just fine, except when putting on the skis, I let one go back down the monstrous hill.

Total Time Lost - 00:25:00

Split Analysis

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