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Race Evaluation

Alberton Dam Short Course: Long


1. Bad map reading
Lacked confidence
Unused to map
didn't read crags well. stood for about 20sec unsure of what to do. was just out of sight
2. Not sure of the best route choice. I went SE to path, along path to junction and in.Safe route
3. Straight, parallel to fence
4. Straight to path, along path and found it easily
5. Did not plan ahead
possibly could have read ahead a bit more and attacked the leg harder.
6. Under pylon, onto path, around green veg. Tried to see attack point for 6-7. Was feeling my heavy legs
7. +00:30Attack point was wrong. Veg was marked as undergrowth, should have been light green. Realised I was too far down.
8. Out of 7 SW. Over hill and found it ok
9. Out east onto path. No problem. Slow up the hill
10. Onto path and around green veg.
11. Straight to 11. A bit slow deciding which side of thicket to go.
12. Headed SE, onto path. Easy
13. Slowed for the pit. Started with a bearing, but saw there was enough to go on. Found ok.
14. headed east. Onto the path for the last bit.
15. Easy
16. Did not read control description
Brief moment of confusion with paths. Straight there. Looked on thicket, was in ditch
17. Bad map reading
Mistake. Thought it would be easy. Headed off quickly, couldn't spot the tree, because I was heading to far right. Slowed, picked up tree and then found boulders
18. +00:15Didn't go through the hole in the fence.
19. Slow
20. Slow. Tried to work out why description said inside fence corner. Didn't want to be caught

Total Time Lost - 00:01:25

Split Analysis

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