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Race Evaluation

Qld Orienteering champs: Course 1a


1. Confused parallel features
Not thinking clearly
Unused to map
Checked a control on a similar feature in the circle
2. No attack point
Did not check features en route
Read map too late
Bad map reading
Couldn't keep map contact
3. Bad route choice
Did not follow plan
Did not like map
Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Went round the bad side of the hill then kept picking off wrong water coruses.
4. Bad route choice
Loose rocks along side of hill
5. Ran too fast
Read map too late
Ran to fast out of previous control
6. Maybe a bad route choice along the track?
7. Tired
10. Confused parallel features
Went a little too far round before dropping down
11. Did not like map
Bad mapping: "Spur, at the foot" - whathe? Simey led me in to that control, which he screwed up bad
12. Did not like map
VERY vague feature, on a form line, which ended up being a bush in the middle of nothing

Total Time Lost - 00:03:55

Split Analysis

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