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Race Evaluation

OLOU Night-O and Sprint: Sprint


1. see thicket. run to it and circle around to far side. manual punching. this punch was a pain to grab (hidden in the control bag)
2. around the building. I chose the left side as did most other people. Right might have been slightly longer and crossed a couple narrow marsh/ditches. I figured left was safer.
3. straight line with just a little wiggle to cross the ditch over a culvert instead of down then up.
4. north of the tennis courts. Between the courts might have been a very few meters shorter, but the passage looked narrow & any obstruction at all would have negated any advantage of going that way. Plus, going north got me out of the scattered trees sooner, giving an earlier view of the big copse (attack point) and the two single trees (control).
5. Hesitated
straight, dodging a few low branches through the scattered trees. Might have lost 1-3 seconds due to slowing down on the approach to the control. I felt I should be careful since this one was described as "vegetation boundary" and was marked on the middle of a long curving dotted VB line, with vegetation of the same color (open with scattered trees) on either side. Although the boundary was distinct (the trees were noticeable denser to one side), I was concerned that the bag might not be readily visible, due to it not being a precisely defined point, there was opportunity to over-run it. It turned out to be very visible, though.
6. straight. caught the runner who started a minute ahead of me and who made a couple near-right angle turns to stay closer to the paths. Hint: you don't have to run ON a handrail to use it. If you can see it, you can run parallel or angle toward / away from it and still use it as a guide. One trick here was starting in the right direction since the scattered trees obscured long-distance visibility early in the leg. Keeping left of the building gave me a good start in the right direction.
7. straight to the left corner of the copse and on around to the bag...
8. around the knoll and straight to the control.
F. straight to the mis-placed finish, catching cedarcreek on the run-in only because he deviated to check the shelter building where the finish was marked on the map before realizing that he needed to run on to the point where we started from (due to the shelter being occupied by non-orienteers). a clean run, just felt old and slow.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:03

Split Analysis

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