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Race Evaluation

Canadian Championships 2007 Saskatchewan: Sprint


1. West out of start, then SW and around south side of wall.
2. +00:05Around to the right of the buildings. Didn't read the detail in the circle well enough to know what to expect, and I hesitated near the foot of stairs before heading up to the wall.
3. +00:20Went to the control on the hill 50 m north of #3 first.
4. Straight, in from the south through the bush.
5. Between the mid-green the thick green, in from the east.
6. Along edge of parking lot, then SW and across up the re-entrant on the little trail.
7. Along the path, around east edge of bush and in from the north.
8. Started out with the plan of going all the way around to the left, then realized that going right around the final building was an option and thought it looked shorter, so I went that way.
9. Left around the fence, might have been 1 second faster had I gone right.
11. +00:10Headed to the south end of the thicket first, thinking the control would be there (the descripton was vague). Then proceeded around the other side of the thicket and saw the control.
13. Around to the west side of the stairs.
15. +00:20Not paying attention, kept heading west where I should have turned north. Knew that I might be going to far west, but I wasn't sure and carried on. Turned back when I reached the next opening to the north and saw it was a dead-end.
16. Went left, going right would have been a little faster.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:55

Split Analysis

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