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Race Evaluation

CSU Training: Franklin Park


1. I took the trail around to the right.
2. Straight.
3. I was planning to go right, but the cliff seemed closer to the road, so I went back down to the road and took the trail up through the zoo.
4. I went right around the stadium, managing to find a trail through the green.
5. +00:15Some guys at #4 asked what I was doing, so I took 10 seconds to tell them and suggest that they go find Ross to ask for a map, which they declined to do. Then I ran under the tunnel, which I think wasn't so good, and then found the cliff by the big road, passing S of it, and in to what I think was the control. I'm not totally sure though, since it seemed a little weird going to #6.
6. +00:25Overshot the control, then got to the cliff that I'm pretty sure was the right one and then was directed down the hill to the flag by a couple of guys who were apparently smoking pot (I was breathing through my mouth, so I didn't notice).
7. +01:00Went along the trails, but the indistinct trail that looked like it would aim you towards the control took me out to the big trail further E than I expected, so I ended up at 14 before realizing what was going on. Then I ran to #7 and expected it to be at the bottom of the cliff, so when I didn't see the flag I kept running, decided that no, it really was that cliff, and realized it was at the top.
8. I probably could have gone straighter, but I followed the trail around the bend, then took the first indistinct trail and took the second left.
9. Went over the road instead of under. I think it was probably faster.
10. I took the big road S, then went N around the pond.
11. Went on the path to the right of the line.
12. +00:05I decided I should run around the golf course instead of cutting across. I'll give myself some time for that :)
13. I went right around the green, then after the tunnel I took the trail all the way, though I was tempted to cut the corner.
14. Took the trail to the big trail, then straight from the junction.
F. Went more or less straight, trying to find that indistinct trail leading away from the clearing. Didn't really find it, but hard to screw up at that point.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:45

Split Analysis

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