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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Blue Day 2


4. +06:00Doh. I have this bad habit of realizing that I'm not really going the right way, but charging ahead anyhow. Departed from #3 going too far to the right, and misinterpreted the marsh ahead of me as being the one to the south, but it was actually the one to the west. A glance at the compass in here would have revealed the truth. Got between the two western marshes and realized where I was, but instead of turning around, I forced my way through the green and then turned south. Yeah, it worked, but it sure wasn't fast.
5. +05:00Here's another case of not paying attention to what I'm doing. I wanted to avoid the marshy area west of the unnamed lake, so I went NW up the marshes. But I went too far west and climbed a rocky hill that I didn't need to. Noticed my error, and stayed off to the left, crossing the stream on the bridge right next to Mymeeba Pond. The real damage occurred on the attack ? I knew where I was, but going the right direction to cover the last 150 m or so proved tricky, and I had to try a second time. Didn't realize how close this was to one of the night-O controls.
8. +01:00Went right of the NW-SE pond, and the light green there was pretty bad.
9. +01:30Got about halfway there with no problem, but it was bland after that and I drifted to the right. Saw the trail ahead and I was able to make a hard left and went directly to the control.
11. +04:00Didn't read the contours very well near the control, got too far to the east, saw the wall, and did better on my second attack.
12. Crossed on the beaver dam between Upper Hold and Middle Keep. Hard to miss that boulder!
13. Got a bit off to the right, but recognized where I was at the southern end of the long marsh, so it worked out fine.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:30

Split Analysis

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