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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Blue Day 1


1. I forgot to write down my splits before the night-o, so they were erased. Sorry.
2. The first of many mistakes. Crossed that Croatia-shaped marsh and ran up the hill that's in the middle of it, thinking it was the hill the control was on. I seem to remember 3:16 for this control.
3. I decided to go right around the lakes. It was definitely faster to go through the beaver dams. Alexei was ~7 minutes and I was ~9.
4. I again went right, dropping into the NS marshy reentrant, going up the first reentrant on the right and around the hill.
5. I planned to go more or less straight. At this point I was sucking air in and feeling pretty bad. Pretty soon I was lower than I had planned, all the way down to that yellow-and-blue-striped marsh. Not such a bad route choice anyway, but now I just couldn't go on running, and I went up the wrong parallel reentrant. Not a bad mistake time-wise, but just bad.
6. I had to walk this one, too. Dehydrated maybe and definitely completely exhausted. Drifted way left, hitting the stone wall a full reentrant too far left. Aweful.
7. Walked this one too, and kind of demoralized after so many sloppy errors. This one was finally clean.
8. I drank a bunch of water at #7 and jogged a little on this one. I think breakfast finally started to hit me and I had some energy again. I was a little bit left and hit that green marsh just north of the control. I felt really stupid. All of these mistakes were like I wasn't obeying my compass at all. Just not thinking about what I was running past; looking for the big features and ignoring everything in between.
9. This one was (finally) fine. Was able to run a little faster here.
10. Spiked this one too; just went straight and came right up to it.
11. Another spike. Straight and to the right of the marshes.
12. Stayed right of the water, ended up across the wet ditch from the control.
13. Too far left, lost my place somehow in all the knolls.
14. Too far left again. (I also was stopped by Joe's AR partner who was apparently supposed to be 500m NW of where we were. Nice guy.)
F. Went pretty low to the water. This race was aweful. I kept going because I really wanted to spike something. A big problem was the hydration/energy situation, but I did some really inexcusable navigating.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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