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Race Evaluation

HVO Westmoreland: Red


1. +00:15did not see the control hidden behing a rock
2. +00:45went too far left while going down the hill and could not figure out the area in the circle right away
3. +00:30went too far right and ended up on the top of the impassable cliff
4. +00:10did not spot the flag right away
6. +07:00followed the trail that went somewhat differently from what was shown on the map. ended up near the SW corner of the private property area. tried climbing the hill on compass while counting the stone walls but since the stone walls looked like everything else on teh map, got confused. had to bail out to the trail south and found myself NE from 7.
8. +00:45the motivation was pretty much gone by now. besides could not read the map in the circle at all, so just ran around looking for the flag.
11. +01:00from the map it seemed like the water would be in the reentrant below the control, so spent some 45 seconds lookign for it before looking at the control descriptions and seeing that it was at the control.
12. did not have any energy left for the slog up the hill
14. +01:00went to the fence to the right of the live and tried getting the control on compass, ended up in the green reentrant NW from the control. spent some time getting out of there

Total Time Lost - 00:11:25

Split Analysis

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