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Race Evaluation

OOC Cedarview West: Long advanced


1. As usual, I blew the first control though placement was suspect. I found the wire fence by running into it and tripping over it.
2. I was the 2nd fastest on leg.
3. +00:30Ran to the park fence, saw John, turned back towards a very easy to see control from the wrong side.
4. +03:00I enjoyed bashing through green south bound but drifted W missing end of barbed wire buried in the ground. Spent a few minutes circling N, S & E before seeing control to my left (E).
5. I ran along dead fence and was the 2nd fastest on leg.
6. Very fast trail run, I was in second place in the race at this point.
7. +00:30I left trail twice headin' S for control, caught John at control.
8. John went over land while I took very long trail N from control and we arrived at next together. I could see control from the trail N of foundation.
9. I was 2nd fastest this leg: S to open area and then SE over land.
10. ENE over land to pick up trail system and then followed couple exiting control
11. I stuck to the trails all the way past #7 and spilled across green. I circled about before seeing control N of my spot. I never did see the huge cairn which is with in 50m of site.
12. Not interested in the green, I backed up SW to trail system and ran, ran, ran, passing Andrew just before control.
13. Put head down a sprint, passing Cherie half way.
14. I wanted to take E-W trail north of #14 but it was not distinct at race speed so up to hydro corridor, W, N, E and found the marking tape which was 50m short of misplaced control.
F. Well done Richard!

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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