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Race Evaluation

Ludvika OK, Middle Distance: H55


1. Very slow after a bad warm-up. OK leg orienteering, but lost a minute to what I should have had...
2. Compass uphill, good visibility so I saw it from a distance.
3. Compass and map-reading, checking some boulders and a marsh.
4. Careful compass into the green and hit it right on.
5. Safe via the knoll and boulders. Won this split!
6. Long compass leg, nothing to read on really, but I obviously kept to my bearing well and hit this right on.
7. +02:30Safe route out from the control following a ridge past some small quarries. Meant to keep this bearing, but somehow I ended up way off. Relocated a couple of minutes later about 200m south of the control when I thought I should be west of it!? Later heard from the course setter that there was some local magnetism in the ground due to iron ore...
8. +00:30Rather slow going down-hill due to rocky ground, through a green area and a bit uncertain in the control area. Was a bit too far to the right, but found it OK
9. Slow running on a rocky slope but spiked the control
10. +00:15No problems, but got stuck in the very wet marsh I had to cross before the control. Took me 15-20 seconds to get my foot loose...
11. Marsh and path running
12. +00:30Path running along the lake, a bit crowded and had to pass lots of other slower runners going into the last control the same way. Tried to keep up with Johan Ö and didn´t look close enough on my map. Did a stupid mistake, partly because I was looking too much after his back and partly because the control was three wooden stakes leant together as a 'tipi' instead of the house both the map and the control description said...

Total Time Lost - 00:03:45

Split Analysis

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