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Race Evaluation

DVOA - Hickory Run Weekend: Sunday - Blue


1. +00:10stopped to read the map in the circle
2. +00:20not optimal thru green - extra dist. and time, did not see the bag right away
3. fine
4. +02:30misread the map on the exit from #3 and pick-up wrong green reentrant - had to bail
5. +00:20was a little right to the control, picked up that mistake just in time
6. +00:10slow over rocks - did not spot the bag right away
7. fine
8. nice effort and speed
9. same as before
10. road all the way - thru # 7 and up full effort
11. spur all the way - fine
12. +00:40full effort - misread situation in the circle - attacked twice
13. +00:40wrong exit direction - very hasitant
14. fine
15. +00:30same as #13
16. fine
17. +06:00went left bad compass work - had to relocate and attacked twice + 1.5 min getting rock out of my shoe and relacing them :(
18. +00:20was a little bit lower and to the left

Total Time Lost - 00:11:40

Split Analysis

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