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Race Evaluation

MVOC Harvest-O: Red


1. Did not follow plan
Bad distance judgement
Lacked concentration
Unused to terrain
Ran by #12, crossed road and down the trail to bend (NW corner of rough open). Intended to use bend as AP, but vegetation looked real thick there, so decided to head S to trail junction, then turn W pass small ruin, and attack from trail bend. I crossed a shallow reentrant, saw some smaller unmapped landforms, got confused a bit. Stinging nettle itch kicked in, further lost concentration and bearing. Ended up traveling in a westernly direction instead of heading N for a spur and the dot knolls. Realized where I was when I saw the semi dried up marsh, relocated and went back for the control. Still almost didn't see the flag!
2. Did not like map
Headed N along "white" forest/rough open to trail. Couldn't tell for sure which part of trail I had come out onto, but not important as I knew I was left of red line. Continued northerly track thru more "white" forest to intermitten stream. Turned to head E upstream, looking for dot knoll left of stream. Circled around the area for a long long time without finding the flag. Relocated and attacked from several different positions without success. After 20mins decided to head on to 3.
3. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Not thinking clearly
Unused to terrain
Followed stream up hill to second trail. Then headed E along minor trail. This turned out to be very slow going as trail appeared no longer active (with lots of deadfalls blocking the way). Turned R one junction too early, didn't check compass to realize my mistake. Made a left off the trail thinking I was at my original AP. Fortunately, this got me back towards the control, but was momentarily confused when I unexpectedly hit another trail. Figured out where I was quickly, then proceeded to overrun the control slightly. Looking for a small shallow depression in flat featureless terrain with low visibility was getting more frustrating by the second. Finally I stumbled upon the flag after nearly not seeing it once again! >:
4. Followed the stream NE to trail. Started running down a horse trail but quickly realized my mistake. Turned back onto minor trail going N. Looking for the boulder cluster, but never saw it until almost running past the control again.
5. No attack point
Bad route choice
Took a bearing to 5. Was probably right of red line, then saw a better safer route - left to catch the intermitten stream that leads right to the control. Tried correcting my line but in the end I guess I was still too far north. Who knows I might have missed seeing the stream anyhow due to my poor sighting today. Anyway, overran the control again, this time without noticing the change in vegetation. I came out onto the horse trail, my catching feature. Relocated, then attacked from the N. Felt like I had gone too far when I could see a couple walking along the trail further S. Hesitated, not knowing what to do next. I turned and there was the control just to my right! How did I not see it again?
6. S to the trail, then ran it all the way to the park bench, where I cut off SW down the hill to the lower trail. Come out just E of junction, then followed along to road, across past the Start, and dived into the "white" forest at the S end of open field. It was slow going and I was a bit hesitant. But this time I spotted the control/earth bank from afar!
7. Went straight on compass bearing. I was a bit apprehensive about my approach, as there's no solid AP, and I've been struggling with the map scale/distance judgement all day long. But there were plenty of catching features surrounding the control that I decided to plough on. Ended up hitting the flag straight on!
8. SE to the trail, then followed it straight S to the control. A truly trivial leg.
9. Pretty much straight. Went off from the roundabout, then surprisingly I was able to see the landforms clearly and headed straight to the saddle. More stinging/itching from the nettles. Ugh!
10. Out to the bike path, then along the bottom of the levy to the drainage ditch.
11. Started out a bit indecisive with my route choice. Decided to forgo the easy one and get more nav practice instead. So went right up the levy slope to the park entrance road, then up another slope to the open field. I actually ran too far east and had to come back to the western field. Ran N along the edge past the dark green, to the fence corner. Then along the fence/low stone wall towards 11. When I reaced the end of the fence line, decided to drop down one contour and aimed left, so that I'd know which way to turn when I hit the trail. All went according to plan until after I got out on the trail. I went up the trail, missed the flag (not looking in the right place), turned around to head down, missed it again. I ended up running up and down a small section of trail 3-4 times before finally spottin the flag. Ugh!
12. Straight trail run back to open field by the Start.
F. Straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:00

Split Analysis

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