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Race Evaluation

Sprint Series Final & US Relay Champs: Yellow


1. Trail. Changed leg length to include from the pavilion to the start triangle.
2. +00:20Well, either I left the trail too soon, or my compass was way off, but when I got to where I thought the flag and end of the stone wall should be, nothing. I knew it had to be too far right, and as soon as I headed left, I saw it about 20 meters off.
3. +00:10Just headed for the stone wall junction, but I was quite a bit left, and had to run along the stone wall to it.
4. Straight.
5. Above the first cliff, below the second cliff, and right to it.
6. Picked up the pace to try to look good for the spectators.
7. Pretty much straight, running through the white woods at the end.
8. To the right of the green, then straight.
9. Around the right side of the thicket.
10. +00:10Weird: I never thought about doing the road, the obvious route. Went to the right of 7, to the right of the green (thought about going through it, but changed my mind as I got near and could see it), then due north.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:40

Split Analysis

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