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Race Evaluation

QOC: Avalon Patapsco St Pk: Blue


1. Straight. Crossed reentrant where trail crosses stream. Only had 2-3 contours to climb back up -- I think this was faster than the trail around route. Took a good look at #15 as I contoured across. My son Andy ran Brown, his first advanced course, starting 2 minutes before me. He had the same #1, and I was relieved to see him punching #1 just ahead of me. He took the northerly trail route past the finish shack. Longer, but safer for him.
2. Up to Ridge Trail. From bend near #13, I went NW to next trail, then out to green-tip spur, then up the rock-strewn reentrant. Didn't quite spike it, but was able to read the contours and vegetation to recover from being a little too far West.
3. My only real mistake of the day. Plan was to go out to the road, then SW to clearing along road, then NW to control. When I hit the road, I was somwhere N of the sharp bend, so decided to go straight W from there. But I ended uop way down the reentrant to the major renetrant junction 200 m N of the control. Easy to see where I was once I stopped and looked at the map, but still had to go back up the hill.
4. Cascade Trail all the way to the Falls Trail. Not sure why I didn't take Cascade Trail.
5. Spiked it. Saw Benetis leaving as I was approaching.
6. Planned to pass thru daddle between rocky hilltop and ridge/spur, but ended up skirting just N of hilltop. No problem, just attacked from there instead.
7. Contoured a bit, then down and up. I jumped across the reentrant bottom, but landed in leaves that were up to my armpits. Quite a struggle to climb out of there.
8. Went down to Cascade Trail, then up the other Cascade Trail and followed stream to control. Probably not the fastest way, but a trivial approach to the control. Very surprised to see Benetis punching at the same time.
9. South to Norris trail. Quite a fight to get through the brambles before finally hitting the trail.
10. Followed Sam Listwak. Thanks Sam!
11. NNE to Norris Lane road. Cut in at bend and just did some nice map reading from there.
12. Ended up high on the ridge, but was able to figure it out quickly and dropped down.
13. E across spur to the NS trail, then cut down at the building to the green-tipped spur.
14. I debated between going up to the clearing (too long); or over to the Ridge Trail (too up and down). Finally took Ridge trail.
15. Wasn't sure where I was wehn I crossed Ridge trail, so hesitated a good deal as I went down the hill. Keyed off #1.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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