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Race Evaluation

South African Orienteering Championships: Short Course 1 M21A


1. +00:45Too much info too quickly. Still getting used to map detail. Made a map reading error that sent me over the top of the hill instead of around the side. Was able to relocate quickly.
2. Straight and fast.
3. Straight, using ridge as attack point.
4. +00:30Into valley, but got pulled left.
5. Straight and fast, using spur as attack point.
6. The straight option direct to control. Didn't think it worthwhile to run round on path. Was looking for #8 enroute, but didn't see it.
7. +00:05Onto path and attacked control from left, high ground. Probably didn't go direct enough.
8. +00:45Straight, but didn't see the control in the high grass. Lucky dip control. Located it on return pass.
9. +00:20Contoured to left, then up wooded valley and straight to control. Ran along side of ridge into control (it was misplaced by about 20m).
10. +03:30Big error. Went too fast on the downhill leg. Bit of parallel error, bit of overrunning. In the end, ended up on track below #10 (was almost near #14).
11. Straight and then around edge of ridge.
12. Straight.
13. Bounced off the indistinct track.
14. Straight, cutting the corners off the path networks and down valley into control.
15. Stayed low to avoid stony ground.
16. +00:20Aimed right of the hill, rather than on top of it. Ended up 30m too far right.
17. +00:05Straight, but stopped short, hesitating before control.
18. +00:05Straight, but hashed around through vegetation getting out of control.
19. Along path, cutting corner direct onto control.
20. +00:10Ran over the top of ridge, rather than down the side. Lost time on the rockier ground.
21. Down indistinct path.
F. +00:03Sprint finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:38

Split Analysis

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