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Race Evaluation

QOC Patuxant River Park: Green


1. Time is from start at shelter, not the marked start. Ran paths, attacked from reentrant/path junction.
2. Straight from #1 towards #2. Came out to road just E of reentrant, attacked from road/rentrant junction.
3. +00:30NW straight towards #3. Climbed down mouth of reentrant to cross to E-W spur & did a major face plant in the mud. Tried following ride on E-W spur & then angled down to reentrant.
4. Ran along N side of rentrant NW to trail. Attacked from trail bend.
5. NW over spur down to reentrant junctions. Skirted edged of marsh/fight out to road. Cut in from road at first clearing on left. Attacked from trail on top of spur.
6. NNE to trail on top of ridge. Counted knolls along trail. Attacked from north-most knoll. Was caught by large reentrant and stayed on left side.
7. Due East out to road. Attacked #7 from water point/trail junction on road. Hit it straight on.
8. +02:00Biggest mistake of the day on this one. Drifted left on bearing. Found marker in reentrant to the NW of #8. Spent a little time looking NE of the found control (was AM, ours was AE). Finally figured out where I must be and headed 150m SW to the control.
9. Straight from 8 to 9. Figured I would be caught by the stream if I missed it. Drifted a little to the left but saw it to the right.
10. Was going to follow the ridge around to the right to avoid the vegetation, but it wasn't too thick. Ended up in reentrant to NW of #10 & went right to it.
11. Went SE across stream from control planning to climb up to road from marshy reentrant. Had to climb immediately because of wet conditions along bottom. Trail to road to field.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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