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Race Evaluation

OCIN Mt. Airy Forest NOD: Red


1. Straight, down the hill, staying to the left of reentrant to the trail.
2. Down the hill to stream junction. Right fork. Angled up the steep hill to the road at the top. N on road and attacked from near trail head.
3. Originally planned to follow trail, but decided after punching to climb back up to the road instead. This saves an extra line off climb, plus running speed on road is better. Stayed on road and attacked from second bend, right after the picnic tables.
4. Hesitated
Contoured to reentrant junction, then right fork up spur to road. Briefly considered going straight, but thought better of it when I saw the steep hillside. Ran around on the road to avoid climb and slow speed thru thicker green. Should've stuck with plan of attacking from just before the man-made objects. But felt I had run far enough on the road, plus woods look open enough, so cut in early. Got pulled/fooled by reentrant to my right. I knew it wasn't the right one, but wasn't confident enough. So I hesitated, ran closer just to check there's no flag before proceeding to the control. Time lost on hesitation.
5. Down hill, crossed stream, passed trail (bridge), then alongside stream to control.
6. +01:30Across stream, up the hill to the left of depression. Right on the road to trail head. Then trail all the way to reentrant where control was supposed to be in, only there was no control. Went further up to check, then N to adjacent reentrant to confirm. Back to original spot again. Finally headed further S to saw it. I think it may be misplaced, but I could've misread the map, or simply drawn the circle off-center.
7. Down along the reentrant to stream. Then up the slope following redline. Went in the woods again near the corner of vegetation boundary.
8. Bad route choice
Down, up, ran a couple steps along the first trail, then decided to go xc over the spur and down to stream. Across 2nd spur between stream junction and trail. Crossed another stream and up the hill at an angle. Made it to the trail right near the W most bend. When I hit the first reentrant/bridge, thought I may be at the control already. So went into the woods just to check. Quickly realized where I was and bailed back out to the trail. Ran to the next, more pronounced bend/bridge. Attacked from the end of bridge. Was off a bit to the W.
9. Up and out to the road. Back in the woods from S end of traffic circle. Then just followed reentrant all the way to control, checking off features along the way.
10. Up the hill to the top. Back in the woods from near the road's end. Followed the southern reentrant down to the stream. Noticed the bigger reentrant to my right. Keeping it to my right and angling left up the hill. Basically tried t aim-off to the right of the control. Once on the trail, turned left, ran until it bends, then across the woods to depression.
F. Up and out to the open field by the corner, then straight to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:45

Split Analysis

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