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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash 2007: Green X Day 2


1. This was easy and enjoyable. Just run up past day 1 #12 to day 1 #11 and look downhill.
2. On compass to the trail bend, then S on trail across stream and uphill a bit and E to the marsh, although a little nervous because it took a while to get to the marsh. Then on compass past the boulder groups to the single boulder further on.
3. S to trail and left on trail a bit, then S near water stop, climbing left edge of cliffs just R of line. After trail across small reentrant and below hill and straight in.
4. L of line, across spur and down reentrant to S of trail bend. Could see Valeriy Doverov off to my right a bit. Up the hill until I bumped into the rocks.
5. +03:00E and tried to find trail to follow around to take R fork and go in from bend. Got on an unmapped trail, though and quickly confused. Finally relocated from marsh NE of control.
6. +07:00A little nervous about going through the green, so went all the way to the eastern trail and cut in when it bends north. Probably should have stayed in to top of the hill. First got caught up in yellow patches south of control (there was one mapped, but several on the ground), then hopelessly confused in the circle. Big crowd there beating the bushes, including Scott Turner. Finally found it, but only because it was in the last place I looked. No sense of what that feature was supposed to be. A pretty bad control location for 60 year old men to have to thrash around for.
7. +02:00NW to the marsh with Tim Parson, then N along edge until marsh got passable. Better for me might have been W to the trail. Anyway, crossed the marsh and got into a yellowish area with clear veg boundaries, so foolishly thought that it would lead me to the marsh and the boulder, but it dragged me off to the NE. Once I saw where I was going I fought my way back.
8. +00:30NW to trail, and down reentrant to cross stream, then SW along stream. A little bobble at the end, as it was further up the hill than I thought.
9. +00:30A very annoying leg. Straight north, red the hills, but couldn't see the reentrant on the map and thought the reentrant I was looking for was facing S. Not a big error, but getting really tired of not knowing what I'm looking for.
10. +02:00NE and picked up intermittent trail on ridge and down to the larger trail. Momentarily confused and went the wrong way on the trial across the marsh before puzzling it out. Then reversed and went N on western trail and across broad hill, thinking there was going to be a steep reentrant just W of control, but it was much more bland. Marsh in it was pretty unmistakable though. Many more rootstocks in the area, some of which were under the circle print.
11. Thought briefly about going straight, but no remaining confidence, so headed NW to the trail, cutting the corner by the yellow and picking up the trail that goes NE right to the control. Now that was fun.
12. W and a little left to get on top of the long knoll and run the nose right to it. Also fun.
13. +01:00Ran to the edge of the thicket on top of the hill, like many others, before realizing it was mapped white and dropping back down, leading Susie to it.
14. +04:00Nasty stupid poorly mapped area. Entered woods left of sand bank, past knoll in the yellow and small trail to a reentrant, but no control, then into the twilight zone. Found yellow control on end of trail, looked in vain for theoretical foundation mapped along trail, went in a couple of times checking empty reentrants, went to the N edge of the marsh near 15 and then looked back to see Ken Walker leaving and obviously headed to 15, so backtracked and found it.
15. +02:00Carefully across middle of marsh and up the hill. Looked back to verify I was in middle, pressed on and found a cup depression, but empty. Then drifted right to find another one, also empty. Back to the first one, back to the marsh, then tried left, bingo!

Total Time Lost - 00:22:00

Split Analysis

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