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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash 2007: Green X Day 2


1. +01:00Sloppy on pace count and looked in a reentrant too soon. Went into search mode and dropped some time on this one.
2. Straight in, counting off boulders.
3. +00:30On line thru water stop. Pace counted from trail and then further past broad reentrant, slowing a bit.
4. Crossed hill 2/3's of the way up and saw control from below.
5. To bend in trail and straight in.
6. Ran up swamp and straight up hill. Stayed just to R of ridge line and it took me right to control.
7. Down spur to swamp, across it and smaller marsh in green. Curved over first knoll to one with control behind it.
8. Fast run straight down to inlet. Curved around R side of form line to control.
9. +00:30In front of pack of West Pointers and others who saw me at #8. Cut L to wrong control in first saddle and then on to correct one.
10. To water stop, L up road to clearing and then straight across open plateau. Down thru rootstocks on R to control almost at edge of marsh -- seemed too low.
11. Straight line.
12. +00:30Drifted R following easier running and checked wrong control in reentrant at end of pace count. Knew position and cut L over ridge to control.
13. +00:30Figured control was at top corner of veg, so ran up and had to loop back.
14. +05:00Only serious loss for weekend. Ran straight up sand bank and missed control by 5m to R. Neglected to pace count from crest of bank and continued on to road. Cut L towards jct to pin down location and overshot coming back. Then just followed bank E until I hit control.
15. Around L end of muck and along shore until the veg line along the rim of the bank seemed to indicate a dip.
F. Inspired.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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