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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash 2007: Green X Day 2


1. +01:30Trail for a bit, then up over the top of the knoll, but then I dropped off it too soon and missed the ride. Landed in the technical area east of the control. Corrected pretty quickly.
2. Straight, just to the right of bridge, past the 3 boulders, and spike.
3. +12:00I thought I was attacking from the bend of the trail right on the line, but probably i was at the bend to the right. Suffice it to say, this was a disaster and I had to relocate twice before finding it. No excuse for losing more than a couple of minutes on a control with trails so close.
4. +00:30Aimed for the bend in the big trail, but came in on the E-W side and ran a bit back towards the bend to be sure I had a solid attack point. Spiked the boulders, but I hadn't read the clue, so wasted 10 seconds standing at the big boulder before checking the smaller one.
5. +00:20Down to the trail, to the clearing, then to the marsh, over the knoll, and missed just a bit to the left.
6. +02:00Attacked from the little trail to the south: Big boulder, up the spur through thick veg, but missed it left and wandered a bit around the top. I couldn't read the map well enough to see which direction the reentant would be (and still can't, even with my glasses on).
7. North, betwen the marshes, the attacked from the end of the L-shaped marsh and spiked it.
8. Just aimed off a bit left towards the pond, crossed the stream where the line corsses, and right to it.
9. Straight, some hesitation.
10. Spiked the water, then north up the trail to the clearing, then over the broad knoll and spiked it.
11. Straight, finding paths that weaved through the logged area. Spiked the water. Then across the power lines and right to it.
12. A bit indecisive, as I started going high, then dropped too much and had to climb back up and down to get to it.
13. +00:10Climbed up since I expected it to be beyond the green. But it was back down below.
14. Left of the earth bank.
15. Straight through the marsh, which was a little mucky at the end, so I had to be careful where I stepped.
16. +00:20Hit the trail, saw the finish just to my right so I instinctively turned left. Oops. I had almost spiked it and now I was running away from it at full speed. Embarassing.

Total Time Lost - 00:16:50

Split Analysis

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