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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash 2007: Green X Day 2


1. Nice to go back over the final woods leg from yesterday. Prerunning- started about 7:15. Ran along south side of ridge to ride. Not sure how I attacked off ride.
2. Hit trail at closest bend, Across stream to next bend, through SW marsh past boulders.
3. To trail and bend, across road to minor obscure but blazed trail; attacked from southern bend.
4. Climb over ridge to major trail bend attack.
5. Decided on trail route, NE to major trail to junction in clearing.
6. Back out the same way I came in - probably should have used one of the other two trails. Attacked from second trail junction north. Didin't see marsh, jst went to top of hill and found it with no problem (unlike lots of others).
7. Across northern part of larger marsh checking spur to northeast, NOT the knoll to SW and followed veg bound.
8. Hit stream well east then up over spur after checking off stram junction.
9. Straight
10. Chose to go north on major trail and come in from the west down the long reentrant. Turned out to be a bad idea because of green and blowdowns across reentrant - didn't want to go up the steep south side to clearer running. Climbed over three blowdowns from the three rootstocks to the fourth.
11. Major problem here. Uncertain where I left the trail on its broad bend to east and got into heavy going quickly. Major brain fault in thinking the green stripes over yellow was what I was going through, so headed more and more westerly for the white strip, and got slower and slower, climbing over slash piles in heavy pine regen. Never did realize I was in the dark green until I came out on the edge of the gravel pit. Fortunately road and ride then got me quickly to the control.
12. Back along the ride to first short ride north. Lovely kettle hole.
13. Climbed to top of hill as did many others, confused by pink flagging - "maybe they forgot to hang this control". Finally back down to ride finding control hidden behind a hemlock branch.
14. To right of earth bank and through tiny yellow clearings. No problem.
15. Left side of marsh almost losing a shoe, then up a contour. Again no problem.
16. Due west to clearing extension.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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