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Race Evaluation

Vilnius O Thursday 22 tour: H21A


1. just used the path around..
2. the same thing..
4. I won this split.. don't know why..
5. +01:15quite long wandering in CP area..
6. caught edvardas again.. he didn't do mistake in previous CP..
8. +00:20didn't see CP from 5 m distance.. it was getting dark..
9. +03:00biggest mistake, possibly missed CP by few meters, was looking too low afterwards, later too high..
10. carefully and slowly.. and it worked.. quite complicated CP and dense tree coverage..
11. switched the lamp on.. was damn dark.
12. found a secret town, was a bit scared by inhabitants.. :D
13. used the road and straight in to CP
14. around in the road.. real night O :)
15. heard somebody braking through the trees in the dark..
16. very uncomfortable plants ~1m high..
17. +00:30got confused by open areas
18. started to search too early..
19. +00:30very slowly.. road direction was a bit different than in the terrain..
20. was very slow.. probably not the best route choice..
21. fell down in the puddle :DDDD
F. was happy .. with many good emotions..

Total Time Lost - 00:05:35

Split Analysis

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