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Race Evaluation

LGOC Lac Mulvihill, Gatineau Park: Long advanced


1. Start was from King Estate parking lot.
2. I took too long at too many piles of stones.
4. Moreton passed me en route to too many more piles of stones.
5. E to trail downhill to road then N but passed Moreton coming down from control, overland was obviously quicker.
6. But at least heading out of control was simple retracing.
7. +04:30Bearing straight S but slow, hit second trail and headed W for trail S which no longer exists and backed up to use long marsh run. Uphill but messed around 100m E of control.
8. N on parkway, straight W from depression, visited pit but caught up w/ many other wanderers. Three of us searched together til Richard told us it was way back. Benoit led us to location which he had already visited but didn't see control.
9. +01:00Benoit walked bearing while I went up and over and arrived at control same time but took while to find cut. There's no way to do that leg fast.
10. +02:00S to parkway then took trail NW then W through field of open mines. Wasted time at lake side seeking beaten up flag. I beat others who took parkway rather than trail.
11. Many orienteers floundered through S end of lake so I went N on steep & slow E bank and straight to control.
12. +01:30E to trail but screwed around far too long at control location, had to wait on others to point the way. This should have been as fast as finish leg.
F. My only leg under 10min/k was the dart to the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:00

Split Analysis

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