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Race Evaluation

BAOC Local, Bear Valley: Blue


1. On the right. Back the same way.
2. Bad map reading
On the dotted trail (any old space between trees was a dotted trail... but since they said we shouldn't go off trail except for dotted trails, I be a good boy). Then took the R route up the hill. A big mistake as I could not see the dotted shortcut (it was short on the map and overlapped a single tree, so it appeared as a solid green trail). Went 300 m past the shortcut, climbed to the right trail, went back.
3. On the right.
4. Lacked confidence
Chickened on the first part of the downhill, took skis off. Wasn't that slow compared to the guy who was snowplowing behind me and who had to stop at every trail switchback. Until I had to put the skis back on and spent over a minute doing that. Vadim Masalkovas (who started 4 minutes ahead) is now 13 minutes ahead.
5. Through the start, got some water there from Tony Pinkham and someone else whom I didn't know.
6. On the left, minimize climb. Up the one-way trail, the wrong way (oops).
7. Sweet gentle downhill.
8. Bad route choice
Went through #11, did not see a shorter route.
9. On the dotted bridge, then along the one one-way trail.
10. Bad distance judgement
On the right (did not see the L route but even now I think the level ride wasn't worth the extra distance). Went right past the bag, was looking for a rootstock a little farther off the trail. Stopped, had a conversation with some non-orienteers, came back.
11. Through #8.
F. Turned out Masalkovas forgot to punch the last control... eh.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:40

Split Analysis

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