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Race Evaluation

Susquehanna Stumble X: Long


1. Start off slow in the 2nd half of the field and lose a bunch more places as everyone but I seems filled with energy. Follow the crowd to the trail bend and then on to the control. Start picking up places again once we are in the woods. Stay high and drop down only when I can see the reentrant. With Pat Z.
2. Surprising how quickly the field has thinned out. Running alone trying to see which way the pack has gone. Waffle a bit then decide on the trail around and not risk the overgrown field. All alone on the trail so I guess everyone else has gone straight. Trail might have been more effective if I ran faster. Cut in at the bend south of the control and angle up, joining a line of people on the straight route. WIth Corine and Don and others. Do not know if I was ahead or behind them but probably was ahead and lost ground.
3. Lose more ground on the downhill to the clearing. Make it all back at the control. After hesitating because the map does not look at all like what I see, I remember the control is on the trail on the other side of the stream (I had seen it while driving in) Out to the road, across the bridge and in to the control. Much farther in real life than indicated on the map. A train of people follow me.
4. Window order (C,B,A,D,E) Decided on clockwise loop starting at C since it had an easy trail approach. Took the trail along the field and in from the jcts. Ken Jr punched a little ahead of me and then ran in the direction of 9. Corine and Andy B. are not far behind.
5. (C to B) Straight. A bit slow until I realized the ruin was at the end of the clearing and all I had to do was run to the clearing.
6. +02:45(B to A) Not sure what I was thinking as I was looking for the rocks in a reentrant instead of on the spur. Of course I ran past it low and was at the rock piles before turning around and looking for the right feature. Corine and Andy caught back up again.
7. (A to D) We all slowed down on the uphill and then overshot to the east.
8. (D to E) Straight, looking across the reentrant for the control before going down. Gathering a crowd, not sure who is there but 5 or 6 now.
9. Straight again.
10. 3 cups of water then I bid good bye to the short stumblers and head South to the trail. They must all be on the short since none go with me. Only Dmitry who raced off earlier seems to be going toward 10. He runs away but I catch back up when he hesitates at the trail jct near F. He passes me back but is off on his attack and is just ahead at the ditch.
11. (window order G,H,F) Decide on the low route to G, then H, then trail to F and trail to the next window. Drop down and find some pretty good running in the flat area by the stream. Dmitry also takes this route and alternately runs away then slows down to look at his map.
12. (G to H) Straight line looks green, so try the low route again and cut up once past the slash. Did not look as green as mapped so straight probably would have been quicker.
13. (H to F) Up to the trail, then cut in early in the fields. Dmitry has left me behind on the uphill and the trail and has punched F but then inexplicably come back out the the same trail.
14. (Window order J,I,K,L) I punch and continue North to the E-W trail. Cannot come up with a good route for the window, decide I,J,K,L and from L downhill to the road to get to 18. Dmitry passed me on the trail. Change my mind about (I) first and leave the trail to get J.
15. (J to I) Straight, pass Dmitry going the other way.
16. (I to K)
17. (K to L)
18. Think I have beaten Dmitry in the window and do not see him on the road to 18. Eat my Gu while running and then drink my ERG at the aid station. Thought 32 oz would be more than I could drink so only had 20 oz but drank it all.
19. +03:00(Window order M,P,O,N) Planned my window order MNOP thinking I wanted to exit to the N but while heading up the Southern trail realized I wanted to exit to the S. Very slow on the uphill and walked a lot. Missed the control and wandered around a lot looking for it.
20. (M to P)
21. (P to O)
22. (O to N)
23. Had planned to take the trail but missed seeing the 2nd crossing. Must have been a bit W so when I crossed it I thought I would cross it again. That would also explain why I did not see it when crossing the stream much later. Just kept heading in the general direction and and then attacked from the ditch NW of the control. Surprised to see Dmitry ahead of me and come in from the high side.
24. Straight but got a bit W and hit the stream jct. In from there. Dmitry was even more west and hit the wrong stream jct then headed up the wrong spur. That was the last time I saw him.
25. (Window order Q,S,R,T,U) Up to the campground road. Stopped at the restrooms (3:20) then took the roads to the control.
26. +02:00(Q to S) Looked a bit green going directly to R so decided on S first. Unfortunately I missed S and had to look around for while.
27. (S to R) Passed ?? going the other way. Line of rocks with R was easy to see from below.
28. (R to T) Down to trail then a bearing from the trail jct at the edge of the out of bounds. Together with ?? at the control.
29. (T to U) Straight
30. Down to the trail then back up on the smaller trail just after the stream. Did not see the fence or the trail so just started contouring. Did not see the trail because it was a stone wall, I just could not read the map. Knew I was low so headed higher to get near the green which I did not see. Crossed the stone wall then realized the control was on the stone wall and ran along it.
31. Thought about down to trail but woods looked nice, and I was not running fast on the trails anyway. Just sort of contoured around and came in from the ditches to the S. Victor Lin arrived just after I did. ?? is quite a ways back coming from the trails.
32. (Window order V,W,X,Y) Consider going by 18 but I just had water at 31 and I think the low route will be slow running in the green. Take the mound builder trail up to the road. Originally planned to get Y first but cannot resist popping in to get V on the way.
33. (V to W) Now that I have V, I might as well get W.
34. (W to X) Pass Tom Strat going the other way. Says he has cramped up and is not moving very fast. Neither am I. Something to aim for but he is almost done with the window and I still have the leg to Y and back. This leg is why I had originally planned to go Y,X,W,V. It is back up the hill I just ran down.
35. (X to Y) Thru the cleaning and in from the fence corner SE of the control.
36. +02:00Pretty much a dogleg back to X. Took a different route thru the green and did not go into the reentrant for X but it was right there. Met up with Victor again at the stream crossing then left him behind when he took a bad route thru the fields. From the trail, road jct, I could not find the trail going N and went to far SW on the road. Cut into the woods and when I saw the cliffs, knew I was running the wrong way. Corrected and went around the green patch. Victor caught back up while I was playing in the rocks.
37. Straight line, still with Victor.
38. Not looking forward to a sprint finish with Victor as he is running faster than I am. He takes care of the issue by going to far left. I pop into the reentrant alone.
F. Looked back several times to make sure Victor does not catch up. He is not in sight.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:45

Split Analysis

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